UK soul club gets commemorated

by Modculture 14 February, 2008

Ask any soul fan about the history of soul clubs in the UK during the 1960s and invariably The Golden Torch on Hose Street in Tunstall, Stoke-On-Trents is mentioned. Later to be known simply as ‘The Torch’, it started as a band venue in 1965 (The Pink Floyd, The Who etc all played there) but by the end of the ’60s it was known for its northern soul nights put on by Christ Burton. By the early 1970s its allnighters were attracting attendees from around the country. Torch_plaque1_470x315

Legendary artists such as The Drifters, Edwin Starr, Jnr Walker, Major Lance, JJ Barnes and the Stylistics all appeared on stage there. The club also helped launch the career of everyone’s favourite nightclub owner, Peter Stringfellow.

And now The Torch’s historical value has been marked with the erection of a black plaque. Some of the club’s heyday regulars, led by Steve Hoskins and John O’Brien, cobbled together the cash to pay for a plaque to be put up on the building in its place (sadly the original building was demolished in the 1990s).

John O’Brien said ‘it has been playing on my mind for a while, and I just decided to do it…it’s full of special memories for not just me but lots of soul fans…it’s a worldwide famous club and it deserves remembering…it was unique, you cannot replicate it’. If you’re in the area anytime why not check it out.