UK History does the 60s

by Modculture 8 July, 2006

I never pay much attention to UK History – a bit too much World At War and ancient Rome for my liking – but starting next week, that changes – if only for a short time.

The channel is going big on the 60s. Slipped into the schedules at various points from next week (W/C 10th July) are the BBC’s Fame, Fashion and Photography documentaries (including The Real Blow Up), along with a less-interesting programme on the Beatles.

But next Saturday (15th July) seems the day to tune in. I have no idea what the series of shows "Sixties Interstitials" is, but there seems to be huge selection of programmes showing all day under that name, with show titles such as "The Pill",  "Swinging Britain: 1965-1966", "Street Fighting Years: 1967 -1968", "Brits Storm US Pop Charts", "Lady Chatterley", "The Party is Over: 1969 – 1970", "Teenage Rebels: 1960-1961", "Sex, Spies and Rock and Roll: 1962-1964", "Women Fight Back – Germaine Greer", "Marriage Under Attack", "White Heat of Technology (Concorde)" and "England Swings".

Chances are much of it will not live up to the billing – but we’ll not know unless we tune in…or set the recorder for most of the day.

UK History is available on satellite, cable or Freeview in the UK.

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