Up The Junction DVD release

by Modculture 9 June, 2008

Well, we’ve been moaning about a lack of DVD release for Up The Junction for as long as we can remember, so it’s good to know someone was listening with an August release date from Paramount now confirmed.

It’s a genuine 60s gem, with Suzy Kendall as Polly, a bored rich girl looking to experience ‘real’ life in the working class area of Battersea. When she gets there, she finds factory work, genuine people, love (with Peter – Dennis Waterman) and some real hardship and suffering.

I can’t recommend the movie enough, so make sure you get a copy ordered before the 18th August release date. I can’t imagine too many extras on the disc with a selling price of £9.99 (probably less with the big sellers), although the trailer might sneak on somewhere.

In the meantime, check out the clips on YouTube. You can view the opening titles here and the pub scene here.

Find out more about the DVD at Amazon.co.uk

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