Wanted: Retro film/tv writer

by Modculture 20 March, 2006

We’re very keen at Modculture to get more reviews and writing online about classic film and TV. Unfortunately, finding the time isn’t as easy…!

So, with that in mind, we want someone who is willing to help out. The job will be to review cult film and TV from the late 50s to the 70s, as well as write the odd feature or interesting snippet for our news site.

We can’t pay, but you will get a number of new release DVDs to review and keep. Surely enough for anyone interested in their retro viewing!

Interested? Then contact us, explaining your interests, knowledge, experience (not essential) etc and I’ll get back to you. Writing style should be light and a genuine interest is essential. UK only please.

  • Barry Murphy

    Don’t know if you’ve had many enquires about the TV/Film stuff, but I’d like to contribute, perhaps with a weekly tv listing of interesting/related programmes.
    I’ll write a short piece over the weekend for submission.
    Have a good weekend.

  • Jason Disley

    Hi, I am very interested in helping out with writing some reviews for you. Experience? Well I do have experience of writing – I have had some poetry published in the past – I have a degree in English and history and have even dabbled in media studies a bit. I’m also incredibly interested in all stuff that is Mod related -whether it be literature, celluloid or auditory. So if you’d like me to help -you only need to ask!