We Are The Mods book issued

by Modculture 27 August, 2009


We did hear about this some time back, but it slipped off our radar – but now you can order a copy of We Are The Mods by Christine Jacqueline Feldman.

We've yet to see a copy (although we hope to have a review copy soon), but from what we've heard, it is a well researched book, with Christine doing a lot of research and interviewing a lot of people for the book over in the UK and beyond, looking at the history of the mod scene from its early 60s origins through to the scene today, taking in the UK, the US, Germany and Japan, as well as the lifestyle, music and the scene from a male and female perspective.

The 264-page book is published by Peter Lang in the US and is available directly from them or from the US version of Amazon (whose website has more information on the book). It sells there for $22.23.

Find out more at the Amazon US website

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