Wigan Casino documentary hits DVD

by Modculture 10 February, 2010


Not just 'a' Wigan Casino documentary, Tony Palmer's The Wigan Casino is 'the' documentary about northern soul's most famous venue.

It's been around on bootlegs for a few years, but this is the official release. For the uninitiated, Tony Palmer went into the Wigan Casino in 1977 to produce a short documentary for Granada as part of its 'This England' series of shows. Mixing footage of the club and interviews of the punters are vintage photos of a deprived Wigan and reminiscenes of elderly folk of that time. It wasn't much better in the 70s, but the casino footage shows how life can be better – even just for a night.

We're hoping to get it reviewed in the coming days, but if you want to buy one now from Amazon for £7.49.

Find out more about the DVD at the Amazon website