Win a one-off TukTuk 45 record box!

by Modculture 17 April, 2012

TukTuk 45 record box

TukTuk 45 record box

Want to win a one of a kind record box for your 45s? Well you can by entering our competition for this TukTuk record box – and all you have to do is tell us our favourite 45.

The record box pictured is the Chocolate Orange Floral Record Box, which was a one-off sample ahead of its record boxes going into production. By the way, the ordinary boxes sell for £55 each, so this one-off is probably worth a good bit more. It’s as good as new, of course and will be shipped to the winner as soon as the competition ends.

If you don’t know TukTuk, we have talked them up on numerous occasions on this site, most notably for their shirting, with the latest spring/summer 2012 range now online and well worth some browsing time.

Anyway, back to this box. We’re doing things a little differently this time. If you want to win it, just tell us your favourite all-time 45 – or the one that would never be out of your record box.

Tell us that in the comments section below and we’ll select one to win the box. It would be best if you log in (or log in using Twitter or Facebook) to enter, as ‘guest’ comments need authorising. If you do enter as a guest we don’t take responsibility for unpublished entries – some could well go missing it we get flooded with entries.

Note that this competition is now closed.

The winner is Jean-Paul Séculaire. Tuk Tuk will be in touch for your details to get the prize over to you.

  • Our Love Is In The Pocket b/w Open The Door To Your Heart – Darryl Banks on UK Stateside. Been loving it for the 30 years it’s been in the collection. I won’t leave home without it!

  • David Lazar 1978

    The Action “Shadows & Reflections”

  • Say What You Say / Tears In Your Eyes – Eric Monty Morris on Pama, 1968. 

  • Hard question but would probably have to be ‘The Beginning of the End – Funky Nassau’ as it was the first I bought and therefore consider it the start of many happy times with my 45’s. 

  • The Beatles – Revolver (first press)

  • “Would you belive in me” – Jon Lucien . RCA 0038 (EP) RASHIDA 45 promo EP

  • I’d have to say Bob & Earl – Harlem Shuffle – doesn’t get more classic.

  • Michelle Evans

    This may be a bit sad, but it’s my Dirty Dancing Soundtrack on 45 that is closest to my heart… After all it got me through puberty and introduced me to wonderful musical era that I only wish I was around to experience the first time…

  •  I would say Miles Davis -Milestones or Miles Kane – Colour of the Trap

  • Ol_Man_Ian_B

    Some Other Guy – Richie Barrett

  • Andrew Smith

    Andre Williams – Soul Party a Go-go 

  • Lovely Box, I put inside “substitute and my generation” Classic singles by the Who

  • B B King – think it over…………..pure mod 45!

  • Johnny Nash – Love Ain´t Nothin´

  • Tommy Hume

    Crimson and Clover – Tommy James and the Shondells damn song once played never goes out of your head!!!

  • Circles/So Come on – Fleur De Lys

  • The Action – Ill Keep Holding on

  • Just Brothers – Sliced Tomatoes… Could listen to this on loop all day long.

  • Claudio

    big moose walker ramblin woman/puppy hound blues on r’n’b label … don’t leave the door without my daily dose!

  • I always give “Twine Time” by Alvin Cash & The Crawlers a spin… such a great tune!

  • The Golden Pot : “Take one” b/w “Motive”, on AZ France ( Before I go my hands on it, it had been the theme song to my first radio show. Found it in a thrift store a friend (with similar musical tastes as mine) had taken me to. He would have killed me ! Every time I spin it at a party people go insane. That friend included !

  • Here Come The Nice bw Talk To You – the best 45 EVER

  • daz_taylor

    smokey robinson and the miracles – tears of a clown

  • Tim Fuller

    Feelin’ Good – Jean Dushon – always make people dance, and it’s a great record to connect other 45’s from different genres.

  • Cherryredpinup

     Not terribly obscure and not expensive (or mod tee hee) but it would have to be Such A Night by Elvis Presley. The absolute distilation of everything that made him The King in under three minutes. It’s become one of my DJ “themes” over the last few years and I have a whole routine for it. Best bit – at the very end hearing someone in the studio going “wooo” ’cause they know that they’ve just captured something special.

  • Brownsweeting

    my favourite 45 is The nWho’s Ready Steady Who w/ Disguises, Circles, Batman, Bucket “T” and Barbara Ann. I bought in toronto at a used record shop back in 1983 for $5.99 (as writtn on the plastic sleeve along with “Five Tracks”. I love the fact that all 5 songs are completely different.

  • Smart Sorts

    The paragons – Abba
    Always makes me wanna dance and remembers me of a great time..

  • Brownsweeting

    my fave 45 is The Who’s Ready Steady Who w/ Disguises, Circles, Batman, Bucket “T” and Barabara Ann (recorded 1966). I bought this 45 from a used record shop in Toronto back in 1983 for $5.99

  • Aces – Reggaemotion (Supreme, S. 535)

  • Scott Martin

    Reggie Garner – Hotline. Just one of my favorites and prized 45’s. I currently use a Huggies baby wipes box for my 45’s. So winning this beautiful TukTuk record 45 box would be much appreciative and cause for less laughs from my mates. Cheers!

  • The White Stripes – Party Of Special Things To Do, tri-color 7″ covers of three Captain Beefheart songs.

  • Scott Martin

    Reggie Garner – Hotline. Just one of my favorites and prized 45’s. I currently use a Huggies baby wipes box for my 45’s. So winning this beautiful TukTuk record 45 box would be much appreciative and cause for less laughs from my mates. Cheers!

  • How does it feel to feel? by The Creation

  • Paperback Writer – The Beatles. If only for the magnificent “Rain” on side b!!!!

  • Simonfranklin

    Tin Soldier – The Small Faces – is there any better 3mins 06secs than this perfect piece of mod power pop?

  • Mikecathrall

    Time For Action -Secret Affair. Some 60’s soul would be more my favourite sounds but that song reminds me of my entrance to the famous Rainbow to see secret affair in 79/80. I was 14 and we had gone from school, me and Rob. The atmosphere as we walked in will never leave me. The music and swirling smoke and loads (it seemed thousands) of lads in green parkas as we walked up the stairs. What an amazing memory, etched forever in my mind. Story goes downhill from there. Although we saw Back To Zero (my side of heaven, classic) my friend got scared and said we needed to go home -it was a long way for so we never got to see them. A regret ever since but that walk up the stairs will never be forgotten and I have been Mod ever since.

  • Memo Torfilli

    the jazz in jeans ep by the artwoods

  • You Ought To Be In Heaven b/w I Can’t Stay Away From You by The Impressions on ABC.

  • Toni And The Showmen “TRY MY LOVE” b/w “BEWARE”
    Original black label
    issue on Ten Star 1965.

    A stomper of a tune!, bought the Kent reissue too a few years back to DJ out with when i’ve had one too many!

  • Unclepaul65

    My Favourite single is Tin Soldier by the Small Faces. I have always loved this classic from the Small Faces and you can’t beat hearing it on an old Dansette record player bringing back memories of 1967. Watching the label rotate as this classic tune is blasted out beats a CD anyday.

  • John Lee Hooker – Shake it up and go (Galaxy)

  • dark.shines

    That’s My Girl – Dee Clark

  • This is one of the most difficult questions I’ve ever been asked. Based on a criteria having great songs on both sides, I’m probably going to go for The Beach Boys with God Only Knows / Wouldn’t it be Nice – the Beach Boys were one of the first bands to really pique my interest in records, so it seems appropriate, and GOK is one of the best songs I’ve heard. It sounds so much better on wax, as most slow burners do: the ritual of placing the needle on the record really draws you into a rapt listen.

  • time for action – secret affair cause it’s the song that played when i had sex for the first time 🙂

  • The Jam – All Around The World.    Classic!!

  • Lewiss93

    Jimmy Cliff,  “Give And Take,” b/w, “Aim and Ambition,” on Island Records (1967). The A-side’s got everything you want from a belting soul tune with a blistering brass section and feel good lyrics! 😀

  • Mod Marty

    Don’t Say Maybe, Baby by The Capitols

  • Steve Ellis – Loot > a song that always sounds contemporary, one of the greatest brit-soul vocalists backed by the cream of library sessionists under the masterful production of Keith Mansfield.  Perfect in every way.

  • Jean-Paul Séculaire

    Mellow Fellow – Etta James (Argo). One of the greatest soul singers of all time records for one of the greatest R&B labels of all time (Chess) with a song that perfectly sums up the mod style and attitude = perfection! Also, speaking as a DJ, this never fails to fill the dancefloor!

  • Oscar

    Waterloo sunset…Kinks

  • To me, Look What You’ve Done To My Heart by Shirley & The Shirelles, amazing Northern Soul track…

  • Jay Briggs

    Got to be Hard Row To How by Otis Lee. Doesn’t get much better

  • Julian Covey & The Machine “A Little Bit Hurt / Sweet Bacon”. Yeah it’s a bit obvious, but a quality 2 sider… up tempo vocal stomper one side, down tempo organ groove on the flip. And generally as cheap as (gastropub) chips.

  • Stevenkennell

    The Animals – Dont let me be misunderstood B/W House of the rising sun. A great cover and a sweet little picture disc copy!!!

  • Phonsie

    My favourite 45 is Barbara English – Fever ….

  • Abaco Dream – Cat Woman / Life & Death in G & A 
    A&M Records. Psych Funk from Sly Stone and Larry Graham…..lovely.

  • Ellisorchard3

    I don’t need no Doctor by Ray Charles always gets a crowd up on the floor

  • Patches – Clarence Carter. Gets me everytime

  • fanzinemakingtime

    TINTERN ABBEY: Beeside/Vacuum Cleaner (Deram, 1967)
    It blows my mind!

  • EasternBlocRock

    The Contours – Just a Little Misunderstanding!

  • Ady C

    Spencer Davis Group I’m A Man b/w Can’t Get Enough Of It.  Two brilliant sides.

  • Rainey

    At the moment; High Heel Sneakers – Tommy Tucker

  • Nolan Porter “If i could only be sure”

  • Grow your own – The Small Faces…..don’t bother with the A side, it’s the B side that always puts a smile on my face!

  • Booker T and the MGs: Soul Clap ’69: Stax label

  • Keith West, Excerpt From a Teenage Opera

  • The Who-Pinball Wizard. A classic, great music, great lyrics…just great.

  • The Dynamics – Misery

  • stef target

    ” prince of peace” Prince buster , still beating the dancefloors and directly from blue beat sixties years

    • Iangrinham

      For me it has to me Work Song by James Royal, and here’s is why. It just conjures up images of smoked filled clubs packed wall to wall with sharp suited teenagers. PLUS Royal is one of the UK’s finest soul singers ( according to Tom Jones) so if it’s good enough for Sir  TJ, then it’s good enough for me. Oh that reverb on the organ – MAGIC !!! or MOGIC

  • Can`t Let Her Go by The Hipster Image on Decca label, but it`s the flip side “Make Her Mine” which blows your mind. So so dance floor friendly!

  • twangshaker

    jt parker i wanna hold on classic tune

  • I would love to carry the Okeh 45 “Right Track/The Boston Monkey” by Billy Butler in that box!

    “Soul City. Soul as deep as you like… and than some”

    a wonderful gem…

  • BUtterfield_8

    Young Jessie – Mary Lou / You were meant for me

  • jimmediate

    A Little Piece Of Leather – Donnie Elbert

  • Ooh Poo Pah Doo by Skip Easterling. I have fond memories of buying the 45 in New Orleans.

  • Bunny Sigler – Girl Don’t Make Me Wait

  • theappletree

    THE SMALL FACES: Lazy Sunday / Rollin’ Over

  • Jacques Boum

    honey and the bees – almost eighteen
    bought this one off a modculture member on the old forums, have been waiting long enough for it and the it came listed just in time for my birthday!

  • AfroStyle

    Tell Me What He Said by Helen Shapiro. I defy anyone not to dance to this! pure modstalgia

  • Frank Frost “Back Scratcher’ at this moment in time, ask me tomorrow and no doubt it will be different!

  • Chris Bassett

    All or nothing….Small Faces just a real soulful sound, the voice of Steve Marriot is just so evocative of that great time.

  • Bill64parsons

    Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho – Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins……..Joyous track!!

  • MarkModMan

    You Can’t Sit Down – Phil Upchurch Combo

  • NathanS

    Love Uprising – Mr T. Love that track

  • Georgerall

    The perfect tune to open your set Gianpiero & Gianfranco Reverberi – last man standing

  • Dick Jordan – I Want Her Back. Hard to find a more perfect song out there. 

  • Mellow Fellows by Etta James, perfect RnB sound.

  • Markmcnulty

    Easy. Tin Soldier, The Small Faces.

  • mandy

    Tony galla – in love , brill for the mods and the soulies , pure class