Wind of Change (1961) heads to DVD

by Modculture 9 July, 2009


I'm still amazed about the number of films I've never heard of getting a first-time release, especially when they sound as interesting as Wind of Change.

A 1961 film, but actually set amongst the late 50s race riots in Notting Hill, Wind of Change is described as 'a gripping kitchen-sink drama' focusing on the relationship between a father (Donald Pleasence) and his rebellious, unemployed son Frank (Johnny Briggs). Frank is a 'bigoted racist' who believes the black immigrants are taking all the British jobs, though he doesn’t seem too concerned in trying to get one himself. When Frank and his teen gang beat up a black man who later dies of his injuries, he must face the consequence of his actions.

Very much in the 'Absolute Beginners' era, Wind of Change is available from 24th August 2009, but you can order now on Amazon for a bargain £8.78. There's a bonus flick on there too called The Traitors (1962), but that's described as an 'espionage film', so we're not expecting much from it.

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