Worst-ever Fred Perry polo shirt?

by Modculture 29 August, 2006

There’s been some disagreement over the merits of the Paul Weller-designed Fred Perry polo shirt, but I’m sure there’ll be little disagreement over this.

It’s a Fred Perry designed by hip Danish-born (and now London-based) designer Peter Jensen. I don’t know too much else about this polo shirt apart from what the picture shows – a stretched logo, three buttons…and a bow tie. Amazingly, this weekend’s Guardian describes it as "genius".

No idea of a price or availability. Nor do I much care to be honest!

  • Lee Davies

    That has tpo be the most hideous shirt I have ever seen!!!!

  • paul from belfast

    hideous,truly hideous….and i say that as a custard lover…!

  • Mark Bass

    I think this must be for fancy dress!!!!!

  • Aaron

    How is that genius?

  • I suppose in as far as making a complete cock-up of hitherto classic goes it could be described as genius!

  • Anonymous

    i heard a mate say they are 85quid ….takin the piss i think they meant to release it on april fools

  • Eddie

    The Guardian is right – with a pair of skinnys, very ‘Preston’

  • Anonymous

    OMG. That’s the last straw for me as far as FP goes. Another classic label gone the dogs.

  • Ed

    OMG. That’s the last straw regards FP.

  • Looks definitely terrible!

  • I have this T shirt but it’s got a skinny tie instead of a bow and it looks great. i do think some of the ltd fred perry about is pretty dire but that’s a top quality t shirt there, even if it is properly weird.