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1960s Mary Quant autobiography Quant By Quant reissued by V&A

Quant By Quant
Quant By Quant

It’s been a bit of a collector’s piece for many years now. But now you can buy a newly-republished Quant By Quant, courtesy of the V&A.

The book was originally published back in 1966, but has now been reissued by the V&A in both paperback and as an e-book. So if you have one of the sought-after hardback copies, you still have a rarity, you’ll be pleased to know. Of course, the original 1960s copies also have the much better original cover to (pictured above to the left), so will keep their value too.

If you haven’t got an original, the new version replicates all the words, but throws in a new foreword by Mary Quant, as well as featuring the same selection of images that adorned the middle of the original book.

As for the book itself, that’s a life story, early in her life, covering Mary Quant’s early life and career with husband and business partner Alexander Plunket Greene. Quant tells of her early life growing up in Blackheath, London with her Welsh parents and brother Tony, being evacuated during the blitz and discovering a gift for dressmaking while still at school.

After opening the  Bazaar boutique on the King’s Road in 1955, Quant soared to international fame, with the book covering that period too, as the post-war era drifted into swinging London.

200 pages in total, with Amazon doing paperback copies for £8.09. I can’t see the e-book for sale anywhere as yet, presumably it is to follow later.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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