1960s Mods on Panorama

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The BBC archive has just been raided, with the corporation just making available its piece on mods and rockers in 1964 via the BBC website.

A week after an outbreak of violence in Clacton on Easter weekend 1964, Panorama caught up with a group of mods and rockers to talk about their tribal codes, find out what fuelled their rivalry and discover whether there would be further trouble next Bank Holiday. For the mods' side of the story click here to view the clip.

You can also see the rockers take here. The clips are accompanied by a piece on the Panorama website about the bank holiday riots, you can read that here.

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  1. Really good article,it’s nice that all this stuff has been archived.As with a lot of thins the truth is between the lines !!

  2. Hello,
    Very good footage indeed, & i must thank you for allowing me to see it.
    I think the media are to blame for stirring this one up.
    Papers sold in those days, & they exploited the situation.
    But i would like to think that we are all a bit more weary of them now.
    As for the participants, i take my hat off to both parties for doing what they wanted to do.
    Dressed how they wanted to dress.
    I have to admit that i’m am a long time lover of 50’s rock’n’roll so you could say that i’m a Ted. But that’s just it, i also love pretty much all of the music from the 60’s & have had the pleasure of playing most of the stuff in various bands, & still do.
    Most people tend to highlight the negative side of this happening, you have not.
    keep up the good work!
    Highly recommended.
    Best wishes

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