1960s Type 3 leather jean jacket at Aero

1960s Type 3 leather jean jacket
1960s Type 3 leather jean jacket
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Shooting straight to the top of my wish list (when I have serious cash to spare) is this ‘new’ creation from Aero, the 1960s Type 3 leather jean jacket.

I say ‘new’ loosely because it was a big seller for the company back in the ’80s and ’90s, mainly for the Japanese market, according to the write-up. But it has been out of production  for some time and is now back on the virtual shelves due to increased demand. No surprise – the Levi’s type 3 denim jacket is always a big seller.

Essentially this is a lined ‘type 3’ denim jacket but constructed in Leather or Suede, cotton lined, fitted with a traditionally styled label and closing with Aero Jean buttons using ‘proper’ keyhole buttonholes.

Right now, they are at an ‘introductory’ price of £425 but this price will only be available while current leather stocks last – after that, it will jump to £500. Not cheap, but this is an investment piece from a company with a long heritage.

Find out more at the Aero website

1960s Type 3 leather jean jacket
1960s Type 3 leather jean jacket
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  1. We’ll be adding a black suede option, with or without a leather collar soon! Holly @ Aero

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