1969 six-eye boots by Mikkel Rude


Regular readers will recall Mikkel Rude did some British-made 1969 boots last year, but they were substantial things. Based on the vintage Astronaut boots, they were an 11-eye affair, which wasn't to everyone's taste, even if you like Dr Martens-style boots. Well, now there's the Mikkel Rude 1969 six-eye boots.

Again, unlikely to appeal to everyone, but this variation on a theme, made due to popular demand for a shorter style, will certainly appeal to some. Like the original, shorter version is available in black and oxblood, available in sizes 5 – 11 and made in England by Solovair in Wellingborough in limited quantities.

£115 is the price to secure a pair. See a picture of the oxblood style over the page.

Mikkel Rude website

Via His Knibs


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