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20 Mod Classics promotional poster on eBay

20 Mod Classics promotional poster on eBay
20 Mod Classics promotional poster on eBay
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It doesn’t come cheap, but it would look lovely framed. This 20 Mod Classics promotional poster on eBay, that is.

This is a poster advertising an album released back in 1979. As for it being 20 Mod Classics? Well, this was Motown riding the wave of the mod revival, releasing an LP of classic dancefloor-friendly Motown tunes to an audience desperate for anything hinting at mod. There was a second instalment with a Union Jack cover too.

The original album is long gone, although you can find plenty of used copies on eBay and Discogs if you want one. You can see a copy on eBay here. But this isn’t about the album, it’s a promotional poster than advertised the album 40 years ago.

That has just popped up on eBay and might appeal if you want some mod memorabilia from that era of just a rare poster of the time. It measures 51cm x 76cm (20 inches x 30 inches) and according to the seller, the poster has previously been folded leaving ‘horizontal crease lines’ but is now rolled. The condition is ‘very good plus’ overall.

Doesn’t come cheap though. You are looking at £250 on a ‘Buy It Now’ if you want this in your home with no option of making an offer as far as I can see.

Find out more at the eBay website

Update: I have just found another on eBay at a much lower price. This one is an auction and right now the price is a much more appealing £60. Details of that one here.

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