Month: January 2006

Rendez-Vous club reviewed

Here at Modculture, we understand that a list of DJs you’ve probably never heard of and an even longer list of obscure music genres is not going to tell you if a club night is for you or not. So with that in mind, we’re going to start reviewing clubs […]

New Birmingham night

Starting in Birmingham on Saturday 8th April will be a new R&B club, which, if successful, will become a regular bi-monthly night. The venue is called the Bash Bar on New Street. It used to be called The Royal Mail and was a mod hang out back in ’79, so […]

Cravats galore for sale!

  We’ve been lucky enough to source a batch of vintage cravats with some excellent and varied designs, which we are offering for sale. The first are online now, with the remainder going online in the next day or so. Once the 20 or so cravats are gone, we are […]

Jam's 'Snap' expanded

The Jam’s final album, Snap, is getting the reissue treatment and loses the ‘Compact’ tag on Monday February 13th. The greatest hits album originally hit the shops in 1983 with a total of 29 tracks. But 8 of those tracks went walkabout when the album was converted to CD, hence […]

Time Out Soho special

The latest issue of Time Out London magazine (January 18-25 2006 – no. 1848) features a fantastic Soho special. There are lots of great vintage photos from the 50s and 60s including a great one of original Soho jazz modernist Ronnie Scott outside "the old place" in Gerrard Street in […]

Book sales are back!

Well, after a bit of tinkering with the scripts and trying to work out what stock has sold or not, the book sales section has returned. Take your pick from a selection of mod, 60s, vintage books at the following page: Needless to say, much more stock will be filtered […]

New Tootals for sale online

We told you previously about the new Tootal scarves, which have been re-made using (we are told) original patterns and have started to appear in some of the smarter shops (Harvey Nichols for example). Now we’ve found them for sale online at – which we believe is the only […]