Month: April 2006

100 Club Fred Perry on sale

It seems like we jumped the gun a bit over the limited edition 100 Club Fred Perry polo shirt and gave out information we perhaps shouldn’t have done. The limited edition shirt was actually an exclusive for members of the company’s mailing list and was not intended for general sale […]

Ready, Steady, Go! exhibition

Opening on Saturday 13th May, Ready, Steady, Go! at Chelsea Space in London claims to be the first exhibition to explore the style, fashion, people and events associated with Italian designed scooters and their impact on British culture over the last 60 years. Ready, Steady, Go! examines the history of […]

YouTube: The Prisoners

Another gem from YouTube this week – this time from everyone’s favourite 80s mod/garage band, The Prisoners. No idea where this clip comes from, but I do know that it’s a blinding live version of "Melanie" (which you can find on the WiserMiserDemelza CD) from a French TV show. Picture […]

Rhoda Dakar live at Filthys

Rhoda Dakar returns to Filthys on Saturday 13th May for another free gig. Rhoda began her career with Ska/Two Tone band The Bodysnatchers, and very soon was regular guest vocalist with The Specials. She had chart success with "Do Rock Steady", before singing on perhaps her most famous and notable […]

Sorry You Missed The Sixties

The John Bloxham Gallery is currently hosting Sorry You Missed The Sixties –  the decade as seen through the lens of  Philip Townsend, featuring a host of icons and celebrities against a backdrop of "swinging London". Philip Townsend was born in 1940. After training as a photographer, he got his […]

Fred Perry 100 Club shirts

Here’s a nice item – that could be a collector’s piece of the future. Fred Perry has released a limited edition run of slim-fit Fred Perry polo shirts featuring the 100 Club logo. There’s very little else you can say  – everyone know what the top looks like, it’s an […]

Jazz on Easter Sunday!

SHIFTLESS  SHUFFLEFreedom (Basement club), 66 Wardour Street, Soho, W1 A perfect way to spend  Easter Sunday afternoon. You don’t have to be into Jazz to enjoy Shiftless Shuffle but if you’ve never seen Street-Jazz Dance in action, this is for you.If you need to brush up your dancing skills on […]

Men's fashion writers wanted

Are you interested in your clobber? Well, we’d like to hear from you. Modculture might well be starting a men’s fashion news site, covering mod-friendly clothing, along with other smart, hip and generally cool fashions. Not what the style mags say is cool,  but what really is the business. If […]