Month: November 2006

Mod baby shoes

One of the great things about your kids being young is that, just for a few years, you get to choose what they wear. So why not indulge yourself while they’re very young with these Mod baby shoes. Handmade in the UK, they’ll protect your baby’s feet and just as […]

Sorry You Missed The Sixties

If you missed Philip Townshend’s Sorry You Missed The Sixties exhibition earlier this year, there’s some good news. It’s returning to London, this time at ninetythree from December through to January. Sorry You Missed The Sixties is the decade as seen through the lens of  Philip Townsend, featuring a host […]

John Smedley Sample Sale

If you’re on the look out for some bargain John Smedley tops, make sure you get down to London for the John Smedley Sample Sale on Wednesday 6th December. It’s being held at the London College of Fashion, John Princes Street (just off Oxford Circus), London. It starts at 10am […]

Coming soon – Captain Hammond!

The world has a new musical super hero… He doesn’t wear his underwear outside his trousers, he cannot climb walls or leap tall buildings in a single bound, he can however destroy all square music Super-Villains – enemies of the Hammond Groove! Captain Hammond is the brain child of Mother […]

YouTube: Mods

I don't know anything about this US mini movie titled Mods, so I'll just quote what it says on the YouTube page: "Short documentary about the mod scene. Vespa scooters, 60s clothes, Parkas its all here. Director: Rob Poswall" For the rest, check out the clip…

Da Doo Ron Ron 8th birthday bash

Currently thriving on the South Coast in Brighton, Da Doo Ron Ron – ‘The legendary girl group extravaganza’ (says the NME) – celebrates its 8th birthday in October and is going back to its London roots for a one-off Christmas party on Friday 8th December. Established in October 1998, Da […]

Bid for Paul Weller's wardrobe

Make a bid for Paul Weller’s wardrobe

I feel like I’m only ever writing about Paul Weller right now – but as he’s got plenty to plug, there’s plenty of stories around. However, this one is a little quirkier than most. Paul Weller’s wardrobe.

Paul Weller does 6music's 6 mix

Good news for anyone disappointed with the Paul Weller Under The Influence compilation – he’s getting a second chance to show off his favourite records this Friday (24th November), when he presents BBC 6music’s 6 mix. The show runs from 10pm until midnight on 6music (if you miss it or […]