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Radio-controlled mod

by Modculture 30 September, 2007

Can’t afford your own scooter? Why not live the dream in your living room with this radio-controlled mod, known as Mod Moped.

Yes, this is for real, a parka-clad scooter ride with blue trousers, white helmet and shades, riding around on what looks suspiciously like a twist ‘n’ go, but we’ll overlook that for now.

Presumably the controls allow for forward, back, left and right, although that’s not clear. You can find out for certain from 24th October, when it goes on sale for £19.99.

Find out more at the BB Shopping website

Review: Mulberry Bush at the NFT

by Modculture 30 September, 2007

The Scenester skips along to the NFT to check out the showing of Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, complete with Hunter Davies Q&A.

What other decade could a film with the title Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush possibly has been made in? It was probably unnecessary for our friends at the National Film Theatre to place it fairly, but not squarely, in the Psych Sunsplash 67 series, so evocative was that title.

A few of you VHS devotees may have picked up a copy from television many years ago, but for those of us who missed it, this nugget was a real treat. So with a spring in the step, I raced to the South Bank as soon as the 5:30 bell rang, and sank a swift one before diving into the fabulous NFT1, beneath London Bridge. Hunter Davies, a man who needs little introduction, was on hand to let us know how he came to write the novel this film was based on, even showing us his personal copy of the book, complete with appliqué lips on the cover that seemed to pucker up when you walked past it. If anyone out there in Modland has an original copy with these lips still intact, you’ve got a valuable artefact, as Hunter reckons that constant handling in the shop nearly always resulted in the lips falling off!

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GDU play Manchester and Glasgow

by Modculture 30 September, 2007

There’s two rare opportunities to see London’s hippest Hammond and Horns combo in the north of England in October, as the Gene Drayton Unit play gigs in Manchester and Glasgow.

First up is a gig at Manchester’s only specialist jazz club, Matt & Phred’s, taking place on Friday 5th October with three sets from the band. No details as yet about prices, so it’s probably worth contacting the venue via the Matt and Phred’s website.

A day later on Saturday 6th October you can see them at Regal Social @ Maggie Mays, 60 Trongate, Merchant City, Glasgow. The night runs from 10pm til 3am with support from the Meltin’ Pot and Friday Street DJs. Admission is £10.

For more details on the band and to hear a few tunes, check out the GDU MySpace site.

Mulberry Bush at the BFI

by Modculture 18 September, 2007

Not often seen – and certainly not on the big screen – 1967’s Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush gets a showing at NFT 1 at the BFI South Bank in London on Friday 21st September, kicking off at 6:15 pm.

It’s the latest Flipside presentation, under the heading Psych Sunsplash ’67. And as well as seeing forgotten teen star Barry Evans swinging to a Spencer Davis Group/Traffic soundtrack, you also get two other 60s rarities to entertain you.

A Valentine For Tony Blackburn and Barry Evans is just that – the two men receiving cards from adoring fans in 1968. While In Gear (Look At Life) from 1967 is a trip round the era’s grooviest boutiques.

Add to that a Q&A with Hunter Davies (novelist and screenwriter of Mulberry Bush) and the night looks like a winner. See the BFI website for ticket details and pricing.

Find out more at the BFI website

Fred Perry black bowling shoes

by Modculture 11 September, 2007

I’m very much a ‘bowling shoes are for bowling’ man, but I know there’s a good few people out there who like the idea of wearing them out and about. And if that’s you, these Fred Perry all black bowling shoes look the best of what’s on the retail market.

Made by Swear for Fred Perry, the shoes are in black leather with contrasting piping and laces, with rubber botton and subtle laurel logo.

The one downside is the price – a rather hefty £90.

Find out more at the Fred Perry website