45 reissue: Sharon Tandy – Hold On/Daughter Of The Sun

45 reissue: Sharon Tandy - Hold On/Daughter Of The Sun
45 reissue: Sharon Tandy – Hold On/Daughter Of The Sun
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A massively sought-after track in original form, Sharon Tandy – Hold On/Daughter Of The Sun is back via Big Beat.

If you want an original, Discogs (or someone on there) will sell you one for upwards of £170 right now. And people will pay it for an original 1968 copy too. That’s the collector mentality, whether it is vinyl, books, art or whatever. But if you just want a copy without the ceremony, Big Beat has your back with this reissue for a fraction of the going value of an original.

Anyway, this doubleheader. Which is an absolutely stunning piece of work and a must-have for anyone with taste.

The A-side was Sharon Tandy covering the Rupert’s People song ‘Hold On’ not long after it was recorded and with the Fleur De Lys, who had been working with Rupert’s People. Originally planned as a B-side (to Sharon’s cover of Lorraine Ellison’s ‘Stay With Me Baby’), it failed to get much attention in the UK. But that wasn’t the end of the story.

The UK Atlantic label realised its potential a little later and reissued it the following year with a new B-side ‘Daughter Of The Sun’ penned by Brian Potter and Graham Dee. Again, it failed to sell – which is why originals are worth big money these days. An amazing song that did;t flood the market in big numbers.

So buy an original for big money or get the Big beat 45, which you can pre-order now ahead of the 30th September 2022 release date. That reissue sells for around £10.

Get one from Ace Records or Rough Trade.

There is a CD featuring the tracks plus much more too, but as it’s out of print, it does go for more money than you would expect.

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