45 reissue: The Times – Red With Purple Flashes

45 reissue: The Times - Red With Purple Flashes
45 reissue: The Times – Red With Purple Flashes
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A niche reissue, but The Times – Red With Purple Flashes on a 7-inch single might save you a few quid on the collector’s market.

According to Rough Trade, the going rate for the original on Dan Treacy’s Whaam! Records label is something like £200 these days. So although this isn’t the cheapest 45, it’s considerably cheaper than that.

What can you say? A single that sits somewhere between the Mod revival and 1960s beat. In fact, you can attach that description to the b-side Biff! Bang! Pow! too. Yes, you might have spotted The Creation influence here, as well as the Warhol-inspired sleeve.

Anyway, it’s back as a limited edition that’s great if you haven’t got a copy or if you want to protect the original you have got. £8.99 is the price and you can pre-order it from Rough Trade right now.

Find out more at the Rough Trade website

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