A Glasgow Gang Observed book by James Patrick reissued

A Glasgow Gang Observed by James Patrick
A Glasgow Gang Observed by James Patrick
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Original copies of this book regularly sell for £50 or more on the auction sites, so we’re quite impressed to see a reissue of A Glasgow Gang Observed by James Patrick.

It’s a book about a Glasgow gang in the 1960s, with a 26-year-old schoolmaster under the alias of James Patrick, going undercover with the help of one of his pupils to study the violent behaviour of the teenagers in a gang in Glasgow.

It’s not a book about mods, but it does feature mod gangs of the era and is big on detail – carrying swords down the side panels of scooters or having razor blades stitched into the lapels of suits for example.

Part history, part crime, part social examination, the book covers 208 pages and is now available for a more affordable £8.99 on Amazon. You can also read a couple of chapters for free on the site, to get an idea of the book.

Find out more at the Amazon website

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