Above The Clouds scooter collective

If you are a scooterist who wants to help fight the battle against cancer then look out for the Above The Clouds scooter collective.Above The Clouds

Not a traditional scooter club, Above The Clouds is instead a loose group of people who want to show their support for the work of Cancer Rsearch UK. No fees, no rules, just patches and badges to buy with which to display your allegiance.

You can join Above The Clouds on Facebook here, or email co-ordinator Jim at [email protected] to register. And don't forget to look out for Above The Clouds representatives at the scooter rallies this year, as well as future fundraising events from the group. Previous events in 2008 were well supported, so Above the Clouds is a logical progression for the cause.

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  1. Thanks for doing this David.. appreciate it, thanks for your continued support.

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