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Adidas Italia 60 new reissues


With all the excitement over the Adidas London reissue yesterday, a clutch of other classic Adidas reissues slipped under the radar, like the two new version of the Adidas Italia 60 trainers.

Both are faithful reproductions of the sports shoe designed for the Rome Olympics back in 1960, the version above with a suede upper in what's described as a 'fango and white' colourway. Finished off with gold branding, it sells for £64.99.


The second reissue is much the same in terms of style. But this version opts for leather instead if suede, reversing the colourway for a 'fango' on white finish, with 'adidas italia' branding on the side.

£64.99 also the price here.

Find out more at the Size? website

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