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Adidas Vespa PX Mid trainers


Last week, we spotted the Adidas PX trainers in white, presuming they were a 'one off' collaboration. Obviously we were wrong, we've just spotted two new variations, the Adidas Vespa PX Mid trainers in black and white.

Fairly similar in look, the Mid offers up a higher cut and with the black, a slightly more bold shoe. The Mid also has a mix of leather and suede (or leather and canvas) for the upper, the Adidas three-stripe logo on the side, an Adidas logo on the tongue and a metallic Vespa logo on the heel, plus another logo on the contrast sole.

Sold in a Vespa-themed box with scooter graphic wrap as limited editions, both pairs sell around the £75 mark. See over the page for an image of the white pair.

Find out more at the Size website


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