Aertex adds Gabicci-style tops

Aertex_gabicci Aertex has added some new stock to its site, most notably new shirts, but most interestingly, some Gabicci-style knitwear.

This particular top is available in three colours – burnt orange, black and the stone featured here. The downside is what seem to be the wrong details on the site – this isn’t the ‘short sleeve knitted button through shirt with two front patch pockets’ as described.

As such, I can’t give you specific details on material or indeed price, though I suspect the £42.51 (excluding VAT) is correct. If you want one, drop them an email or call them to find out more – they are very easy to deal with.

View all the latest items at the Aertex website

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  1. Brett Tucker

    Grabbed myself an Aertex knitted shirt. A bit pricy and not much change from £50.
    It’s ok but I feel there are more authentic shirts out there. Better prices too.
    Aertex sort of reminds me of what my Grandad wore.

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