Aertex Paul Weller polo shirt

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Yet more Paul Weller-related clothing, although this is claimed to be a replica as opposed to being endorsed.

According to Aertex, this Axe polo shirt is a special edition replica of the polo worn by Paul Weller on the cover of The Jam’s Beat Surrender. Now I thought that cover featured a girl with a flag, but if you can place this top, please let us know in the comments below.

Anyway, it’s 100 per cent cotton, with button-down collar and a fairly slim fit, retailing for £44.99. The company also has some other interesting retro-styled tops, so the website is well worth a look.

Find out more at the Aertex website

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  1. On the cover of beat surrender they were all wearing suits and skinny black ties as far as I’m aware :S.

  2. Stephan Burmester

    The 7″ was a fold out cover, and the photo inside shows all three in T-shirts (Rick Buckler with a Jeans Jacket).

  3. Tommy the Face

    If you Google the release of that button-down polo shirt which is inspired by the red one Weller wore – while lying on the floor – under a striped blazer and wearing mint Puma football trainers on the Beat Surrender cover – go to the story that (Fashion UK)did a while back and they have a pic of the cover so you can just about make out the shirt…I always wanted one of those button-down polos

  4. does anyone know where i can get this top tried the website? thanks

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