Baracuta 75th anniversary promotional videos

by Modculture 27 June, 2012

Baracuta 75th anniversary

Baracuta 75th anniversary

Baracuta is celebrating 75 years in the business, but things could change quite significantly over the next one.

Baracuta has been sold, now owned by Italy-based WP Lavori. That particular company does good things with heritage brands as a rule, which has got to be a good thing for Baracuta, which was starting to slide a bit down the racks. That probably explains why there have been the big discounts on the Baracuta site of late.

It could also mean a higher-end Baracuta going for the higher end of the market – and the higher prices that accompany it. Although you would also expect the staple Harrington jackets being relatively unchanged. Time will definitely tell on this one.

Anyway, the first moves for the new company seem to have been a 75th anniversary video, which you can see below. That seems to be aimed at men ‘of a certain age’, throwing in the current flavour of the month, northern soul, for the soundtrack.

You can also check out a video from the launch party in Italy recently, which looks like one of those ‘beautiful people’ kind of events, but does have some nice footage of the past range slipped in amongst the party shots. See that one below.

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