Barbour silk knitted ties


There's a lot more knitted ties around these days than there once was – which means you don't have to resort to eBay for vintage polyester numbers with bonus plucks. Barbour is one such company selling higher-end ones, with these silk knitted ties.

You can opt for a couple of styles, the skinny knitted silk tie being the first of those. It's a 100 per cent knitted silk tie, with a blade width of 5cm and a choice of plain colours. £34.95 each.

Or you can go striped with one from the Heritage Collection. Again, 100 per cent silk, it has a Polyamide Barbour Jacquard lining, with a slightly wider blade width of 9.5cm. Price is slightly higher too at £39.95. Still too costly? Those vintage ones, usually not silk, are usually plentiful on eBay.

Find out more at the Barbour website

Footnote: These are apparently heavily discounted at the Barbour clearance place in Portsmouth – if you know of any other discounted Barbour places, it might be worth checking in there.

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