Bargain Duffer coats in TK Maxx

Crombie_tk If you’re in the market for a winter coat, it might be worth checking out TK Maxx, which seems to have taken delivery of some very smart Duffer St George coats in several stores – at very cheap prices.

First up is this black Crombie (pictured here), with velvet collar, ticket pocket and centre vent. The second coat is a black double breasted pea coat with epaulettes (picture after the turn). Both have been heavily reduced to £150. Confirmed sightings in Leeds and Liverpool, so looks like most of the major stores should have some stock. But they’re likely to go, so get in there as soon as you can.

TK Maxx website



  1. TX max in Merthyr tydfil has got the reefers and
    biege crombies from £58 up, know where near £150.Dont know what they are going for in cardiff.saw them today,Fred perry polos at £19.99

  2. The one in the bottom can be found in Debenhams for £33…
    But it’s only for a week or so…
    So get goin 😛

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