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BBC4 Goes Pop! launches this week

BBC4 Goes Pop! launches this week
BBC4 Goes Pop! launches this week
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It is on 6music, Radio 3 and Radio 4 to a lesser extent too I think, but the main programming of the Pop Art season on the BBC is on BBC4.

The season is called BBC4 Goes Pop! and looking at the schedule, there are some decent shows on, as well as a couple on the edges that are likely to be of interest too.

Leading the way and showing tonight (24th August) is Soup Cans & Superstars: How Pop Art Changed The World, which is the overview of pop art, featuring everyone from Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein through to Peter Blake and Allen Jones. Following that is an episode of What Do Artists Do All Day? featuring Derek Boshier.

Other highlights include A Day In The Life Of Andy Warhol, another screening of the Mods, Rockers and Bank Holiday Mayhem programme, a Peter Blake episode of What Do Artists Do All Day? and even a show on Ladybird books in the first week.

The BBC iPlayer will also have exclusive programme extras and archive content. So far confirmed for that is Pop Goes The Easel (1962), Roy Lichtenstein: Pop Idol (2004), Monitor 139: Joe Tilson And Peter Brook (1964), Release Pop Goes To The Hayward (1969) and The Visual Scene: Playing It Cool (1969).

Finally, all the indents and imagery for the series has been produced by Peter Blake, Derek Boshier and Peter Phillips. The trio starred in the seminal 1962 Ken Russell documentary about Pop Art, Pop Goes The Easel, alongside the sadly departed mod icon Pauline Boty. As we mentioned above, that will be available on demand.

More details on the BBC website.

BBC4 Goes Pop! launches this week
BBC4 Goes Pop! launches this week
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