Bel & Bel classic Vespa seating

by Modculture 28 October, 2009


If you can't salvage a whole scooter, you might as well recycle what you can – what way better way to do it than by producing something like the Bel & Bel classic Vespa seating.

Old Vespa legshields converted to seating – what's not to like? Judging by the website there's plenty of options to choose from, including colour, scooter style and matching seating. This could be the coolest office chair you'll ever own.

Sadly, we don't know any details of ordering or stockists as the site isn't in English and there don't seem any obvious price details listed. So if you want one, drop them a line – they might be cheaper than you think. See another image over the page.

Find out more at the Bel & Bel website


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