Bel & Bel Vespa chairs now on sale

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Remember the Bel & Bel classic Vespa chairs we featured last week? We knoew just about everything about them, aside from two vital things – the price and indeed, where to go and buy one. Well, that information is now available.

The Scooter Swag site has got the lowdown, claiming the chairs are 'a really exclusive product' and 'a limited series made from old Vespa scooters from the scrap yard'. The company also points out that the chairs are handcrafted and come with documentation that guarantees the chair’s authenticity.

So what about buying? Well, you can order directly from the designers if you inform them of your choice of colour and finish), with the starting price set at 1,800 Euros, although there are some finished examples for sale right now – a pearl white with white upholstery is 2,000 Euros, a silver grey with black upholstery sells for 1,800 Euros while a silver grey with black upholstery and flash lights is yours for 1,900 Euros. Delivery costs also need to be factored in. More via the website.

Find out more at the Bel & Bel website

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  1. 2000 euros caught your self on daylight robbery dont think many people would be buying them

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