Make a bid for Paul Weller’s wardrobe

Bid for Paul Weller's wardrobe
Bid for Paul Weller’s wardrobe

I feel like I’m only ever writing about Paul Weller right now – but as he’s got plenty to plug, there’s plenty of stories around. However, this one is a little quirkier than most. Paul Weller’s wardrobe.

Yes, you can bid for Paul Weller’s wardrobe. Not the one out of his bedroom – this is his old Style Council tour wardrobe. Which, in a way, makes it a lot more interesting. After all, a wardrobe out of his house would just be a piece of furniture.

But this is that tour wardrobe, but before you get too excited let me point out that there are no clothes left in here (sadly). Getting a full Style Council range of clothing would be just too much.

Instead, what you do get is a large compartment for hanging clothes as well as six small drawers and two larger ones. Basically, what you see above.

The whole interior including the drawers has a velvet lining and the outside of the wardrobe is stencilled ‘Paul Weller Wardrobe’ (in case your mates don’t believe you – although you could have done that yourself). Just to make sure you didn’t, you also get a certificate of authenticity too.

How much? The guide price is £2,000-£3,000 and you can bid online. And if that doesn’t appeal, you can also bid for a couple of Style Council keyboards and one of Weller’s old Jam amps. Nice.

Find out more at the Fame Bureau website

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