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Blow Up in Maryon Park


If you are a fan of 60s cult classic Blow Up, you'll not want to miss the open air screening of the movie in one if its iconic locations, Maryon Park.

A stone's throw from Charlton Athletic's football ground, Maryon Park was the place where David Hemmings' character Thomas snapped Jane (Vanessa Redgrave), as well as where he watched the invisible tennis match. Maryon Park hasn't changed a great deal – even the antique shop is still there (although it no longer sells antiques – or didn't when I last went).

The evening includes a full outdoor showing of Blow Up (starting at 10pm) and there will also be tours of film locations in the Park at 7.30 and 8.45pm, along with a 'swinging sixties disco'. Oh yes – you'll need to being a rug or folding chair too and be over 15 (that's the certificate).

Find out more at the Greenwich Council website

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