Boogaloo Radio

Has the internet made being a mod too easy? You can buy your clothes online, buy rare tunes online – and you can even hear the best club sounds for free online if you tune into Boogaloo Radio.

Still in its infancy, Boogaloo radio, hosted by Pete and Mossy from deepest North Wales, brings you a fantastic selection of mod dancefloor tracks every week. The lads have over 1000 original 45s and about 100 original LPs – a mixture of northern soul, R&B, latin, blues, blue eyed soul, funk, boogaloo, popcorn, and Jamaican ska and rocksteady. So plenty to go at.

New shows, which last at least an hour, appear each Friday. Just click on the link to visit the radio page, turn your speakers on and enjoy. I can’t recommend it enough.

The station is currently hosted at the Chosen Few scooter club site, but will be moving to its own site in the very near future.

Stop press:
The lads now have their own website for the show. Tune in at:

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