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Brighton Beach Leeds Cockpit Allnighters


Brighton Beach is returning to the Cockpit in Leeds
– offering an Allnighter if the university hours of the regular Leeds Brighton Beach are a bit short.

The first one is on 8th March and monthly afterwards. It’s described as an ‘aftershow party’ and starts at 3am (when the university BB ends), running until 6am – when most trains out of the nearby Leeds station start up. And to differentiate it from the the earlier night, this one will have an all-60s soundtrack – soul, r’n’b, northern, boogaloo, garage & beat, along with a chill out room playing cult 60s films.

The aftershow will cost you £3 on the door. For reference, the earlier Leeds University Brighton Beach is a two-room events, running from 10pm until 3am, costing £5 in advance.

Brighton Beach website

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