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Brighton Rock DVD update

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We mentioned this a while back, but we've just got all the details of the Brighton Rock DVD and Blu-ray release, including those all-important extras.

The release date stays the same, you can secure a copy on both formats from Monday 20th June 2011. You probably know the storyline of the mod-related remake, but if you want our opinion on it, check out the review here.

The price is £11.93 for the DVD, £12.99 for the Blu-ray if you pre-order at Amazon. See over the page for the full list of extras, which includes Kenneth Hume's 1960s Mods and Rockers short (not as good as it sounds, but interesting

Find out more at the Amazon website

Extras for Brighton Rock:

Audio Commentary with Director Rowan Joffe and Editor Joe Walker
Rowan Joffe Extended Interview
Sam Riley Extended Interview
Andrea Riseborough Extended Interview
Rowan Joffe Interview
Sam Riley & Andrea Riseborough Interview
Boulting's Brighton Rock with Rowan Joffe
Making Of Brighton Rock
Deleted Scenes
Anatomy of a Scene – The Making Of the Record
Mod or Rocker?
Alternative Opening Sequence Storyboard
Stills Gallery
Kenneth Hume's Mods and Rockers
 - that was originally described as: 'A symbolic ultra modern coffee bar sets the scene for a girl in gold lame jeans, bolero and bootees, to start moving to the pulsating rhythms beating out from a glittering juke box. As the music becomes progressively louder and more frantic, so the dancer increases the speed of her lithe movements to keep pace with the tempo. A boy starts to dance with this red-headed dynamo of a girl, but is repelled when she accepts the advances of a second boy. The two men vie for her attentions.' It lasts 25 minutes and is more mainstream than it perhaps sounds.

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