British psych prints at the V&A

Psych_posters Last year, London’s V&A hosted a Sixties Graphics exhibition, which featured artwork and design from the period 1965 – 1972, including the work of designers such as Nigel Waymouth, Michael English and Martin Sharp. And if you head over to the V&A site, you can buy reproduction prints from the some of the more famous moments of British psychedelia.

There’s five posters available, mainly from the infamous UFO Club and featuring resident band The Pink Floyd. And pictured here is my favourite print – UFO’s Nite Tripper Freakout – which promised The Floyd, Andy Warhol and Kenneth Anger amongst others for a bargain 10 shillings,

The re-print posters cost a little more – dependent on the size and quality you choose, prices start at £5, rising to £50.

See the full range of psychedelic posters at the V&A site

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