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Bronco Bullfrog film poster

Bronco_poster A few years back, I was lucky enough to pick up two film posters from a largely unknown late 60s British independent movie called Bronco Bullfrog. One is in storage, the other in a frame. To buy an original today would set you back a hefty amount, but if you want a reproduction of the iconic boot poster, the film’s director, Barney Platts-Mills, has done a reprint and is selling it online.

The film’s no classic, but it’s a sought-after movie for one reason – the style of the character, Bronco Bullfrog. Bronco was a suedehead. And this movie, probably by accident, was the only one to catch that look on film.

The original film poster looks impressive on our wall and I’m sure the re-print will be just as eye-catching. And it’s just £8 including postage.

Find out more at Platts-Mills.com

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