Buddy Miles R.I.P.

Buddy Miles, the American drummer who played with Jimi Hendrix in his Band of Gypsys, has died at the age of 60 at his home in Austin, Texas of congestive heart failure.Buddymiles_2

Born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1947, Miles was performing in his father’s jazz combo by the age 11. Within a few years he was an in-demand session player for top r’n’b groups. He earned his dues playing with the likes of the The Ink Spots, Ruby and the Romantics, Wilson Pickett, and The Delfonics. Then in 1967 Miles joined forces with guitarist Mike Bloomfield to form rock and soul outfit Electric Flag. Later he teamed up with Hendrix and bass player Billy Cox in the short-lived Band Of Gypsys following his work on Jimi’s Electric Ladyland double-LP. The Band of Gypsys made just one album, a live set recorded on New Year’s Eve in 1969-70, and two of Miles’ songs, Them Changes and We Got to Live Together, were included on the album. In later years Miles played with the likes of David Bowie, Muddy Waters, Barry White, Carlos Santana and Stevie Wonder.

A statement on his official site said that a tribute
show will be announced shortly that is open to all to attend.


  1. Victoria Roe

    Dearest Buddy,
    Roy and I are so thankful that we were able to see you at your last gig st the triple door in Seattle. You never got to see the pictures of all of us on stage with you when you motioned for us to come up. Thank you so much for the wonderful gift that you gave me, I will treasure it forever as I will treasure you forever.

  2. Victoria Rose

    Mysteriously,a large group of Buddy’s longtime (40 years) friends and musicians were unable to contact Buddy by telephone or mail from the latter part of November 2007 until his passing on February 26, 2008 even though we knew that he would have wanted to talk to us and say goodbye. His calls were repeatedly intercepted, his cell phone was turned off and home phone messages were never given to him. Therefore, none of us has been able to obtain closure, which we know Buddy would have wanted, as well as we know that he would have wanted to say goodbye to all of us, especially those that he would call on a weekly basis and always let us know when he would have a gig in our respective cities so that we could come down to see his show and he was always gracious, having passes ready in all of our names. He would come to Seattle every year on Jimi’s birthday to jam in his honor, and we attended every year, had dinner in his hotel room and go back to the room after each gig and talk and laugh for hours. Buddy would never give up on us, we were his extended family, he loved us and we loved him, we have a plethora of pictures that indicate what we meant to him and what he meant to us. Buddy did not play games, especially with his good friends, he loved us unconditionaly but somone intervened because of their own interests and selfishness and now we are talking to Buddy in heaven and he answers our calls.

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