Burton's idea of 'New Mod'

See the bloke on your right? He’s apparently the epitome of ‘New Mod’. According to high street retailer Burton that is.

Apparently, the look is ‘sophisticated and dapper’, ‘slim fit shirts and small collars’, ‘slim fit dark denim’ and ‘monochrome colours’. Personally I disagree with almost all of that – and I don’t see anything remotely interesting in the items shown on the Burton ‘Mod’ page.

But if you want to check it out, see the link below…

Burton website


  1. Be interested to know who wrote this article. Personally I think the guy in the photo looks pretty cool. I really like the cardigan. However, I have to say that Burton aren’t know for the quality of their clothes so I’d be unlikely to buy from them.

  2. Mr. Shankley

    I agree, I think the look’s pretty good. Ditto on the cardigan. The color palette’s rather drab though.

  3. My god it looks awful, like a 50s junior bank clerk are an off-duty vicar.

  4. Brown checked shorts. Mod as phuck.

  5. It’s merely a pastiche or ‘referenced’ version of mod which isn’t aimed at purists but at people who have no investment in the look beyond its being fashionable which they trust because it’s from Burtons, Topman or wherever.

  6. I bought a black slim fitting cardigan of a smedley-esque style from Burton, and a giant hole appeared in the back of it the second time I wore it. I took it back and they gave me a replacement which did exactly the same thing. Went back, got my money back and I have no intention of buying anything more from them.
    Also is it me or are those shorts a little but out of place?

  7. weegiemod

    and their definition of Mod is????????????

  8. Burtons ‘aren’t known for the quality of their clothes’??????
    Strange thing to say. I beg to differ- never ever having any problems with anything I’ve ever bought there….in the last 30 years!
    Maybe it’s not ‘Mod’in the true sense…but what is these days? Fred Perry? Levis? Ben Sherman?
    tsk….’young people today’!!

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