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Modculture buying guide: The Harrington Jacket

Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket
Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket
Note that I independently write and research everything in this article. But it may contain affiliate links.

There are plenty of options out there for the Harrington Jacket right now, so we thought we would pick out the best and the rest at the full range of price points.

Premium option:

Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket
Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket

Baracuta G9 Harrington Jacket

The big-name when it comes to Harringtons and the most popular choice. For good reason.

This is the classic, dating back as far a the 1930s and the jacket worn by the great, the good and the cool since.

Baracuta has changed hands a few times since, but the current owners sell a jacket that’s definitely a quality item with its water repellent outer shell, Coolmax cotton Fraser Tartan lining and the double button fastening collar. Plenty of colours, but at £295 to £335 it is an investment.

Of course, there is a G4 you could also opt for.

Pick up a Baracuta Harrington Jacket

Update: There are currently some Baracuta Archive Authentic Fit Jackets at Hip reduced from £335 to £235 if you are quick. You can check them out here.


The alternatives:

Fred Perry Reissues Made in England Harrington Jacket
Fred Perry Reissues Made in England Harrington Jacket

Fred Perry Reissues Made in England Harrington Jacket

If you like the Laurel Wreath, you might want to go for the Fred Perry variation instead.

Much the same in look, it’s not quite the same jacket, but it is cheaper. This one has a Stewart Tartan lining and a polyester and cotton mix construction.

But more or less, the same detailing and in more colours than just the red above. An authentic is from £159 and a Reissues is from £225.

Pick up a Fred Perry Reissues Made in England Harrington Jacket


John Simons Harrington Jacket
John Simons Harrington Jacket

John Simons Harrington Jacket

Of course, the man who named the jacket the ‘Harrington’ is always going to have some in stock.

These days he makes his own, with two variations. The new Made In London John Simons Slim-Fit Harrington is an update on a classic, again with similar detailing but a slimmer cut and an alternative lining. The sell for £225.

If you want cheaper, the standard John Simons Apparel Company Harrington is for you, with a showerproof with 100% cotton shell and lining. The problem is that the designs tend to be seasonal, so there are times when they are not in stock. Keep checking if they are not currently being offered for sale.

Pick up a John Simons Harrington Jacket


On a budget:

If you just want the look and want to sacrifice a few small touches, there are cheaper option out there.

Ben Sherman Harrington Jacket
Ben Sherman Harrington

Ben Sherman Harrington

At first glance, this is a standard Harrington, with everything from the umbrella vent to the button pockets in place. I think this is slimmer than the Baracuta and it doesn’t have the iconic lining, but with a price of around £95, you might want to forgive them that. There’s also a small logo on the pocket that might be a dealbreaker, but that’s down to personal preference.

Pick up a Ben Sherman Harrington

Note that Merc does a similar jacket for the same money, but sticks on a more obvious logo, which isn’t to everyone’s taste.


Real Hoxton Harrington Jacket
Real Hoxton Harrington Jacket

Real Hoxton Harrington Jacket

This is a ridiculously good jacket for the money.

You might know Real Hoxton for its popular budget monkey jackets I have featured in the past. But those are just part of the company’s growing range, which also includes the Harrington in a number of colours.

I have one of these (the blue one above) so I can vouch for its quality. Made from a mid-weight 100% cotton fabric, it has a tartan checked lining and all the details you would expect. So the buttoned pockets, back vent, button collar and elasticated waist and cuffs.

For £65, well worth considering.

Find out more at the Real Hoxton website

British Millerain Harrington Jacket at Community Clothing
British Millerain Harrington Jacket at Community Clothing

British Millerain Harrington Jacket at Community Clothing

Something a little different – but in a good way.

Not the full set of details (no button pockets for example) but this is a jacket made of a premium 7oz waterproofed cotton from British Millerain in Rochdale. This kind of cloth has been made at the factory since 1880. It also has a two-button collar, ribbed cuff and waistband, an internal pocket and full lining.

It’s made by a company you should keep your eye on – Community Clothing. They use downtime in UK factories to get their clothing made, which keeps skilled people in work and gets a quality design made for less cash. In this case of this, you can get a Harrington for just £99.

Find out more at the Community Clothing website


Ridiculously cheap:

Budget Harrington Jackets on eBay
Budget Harringtons on eBay

These budget Harringtons on eBay came onto my radar not long ago and at a glance, they do look pretty much as a Harrington should look. But for very little money.

Two-button collar, angled pockets, elasticated waist and cuff plus a tartan lining. Sizes are XS through to 5XL, loads of colours and apparently they are made in England.

Amazingly, you can pick these up for £13.95 each on eBay. I know. But I’ve no idea about the quality or the sizing, so definitely buyer beware. Although at that price, it’s not a massive risk to take.

Pick up a Budget Harrington Jacket on eBay

Brutus Harrington Jacket
Brutus Harrington Jacket

Note that many other companies do a Harrington-style jacket these days. Those include a budget one at Uniqlo, a Tootal version, a Brutus Harrington (pictured above) a Lacoste jacket, Pretty Green and many more. Basically, there’s something for everyone depending on the depth of your pocket.

Also, keep an eye on the site as I do flag up deals in the sales as and when I find them. There are usually deals on Baracuta jackets if you hunt around during the sales.

Note that I also did a top 10 Harrington Jackets round-up at His Knibs too. The remit is a little wider there, but it’s worth checking out if you want more options.

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  1. Steve Tallett

    Good read.
    The prospect of spending £200+ for a Harrington seems nuts to me. I’ve been buying mine(Combat) from Ben Nevin clothing in Camden, for nigh on 30yrs, they have been making their own since the 70s, only 30 odd quid and better than anything I’ve seen £ for £ except the original G9, all though I’d imagine the john simpson jacket to tbe pretty good.

  2. Martin McKenzie

    Jump the Gun in Brighton do a pretty authentic and good quality harrington for about £50. There’s also a heavier version and a waxed version. They have an online store.

  3. You forgot to mention the Combat labelled Harrington jacket which, I purchased from ,Ben Nevis Clothing of Camden London.

    I have a pair of beige and black Harrington’s and they have served me well for the past 10 years so, worth a mention I should say.

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