Can you recommend any Mod art?

Pete McKee artwork
Pete McKee artwork
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I don’t think I like the term ‘Mod art’ (even though I’ve just used it!), the internet is full of very poor online shops selling bad canvas art and posters featuring scooters, targets, Paul Weller and sometimes all three – cheap, nasty and a million miles away from Mod in my book.

If you want some interesting modern-day art that uses the mod scene as inspiration, check out people like Steve Millington (aka Lord Dunsby), Pete McKee and Josh ‘Shag’ Agle. There’s an in-depth interview with Shag on this very site.

Obviously art in the 60s is a huge area and not something that can be covered in just a paragraph. If you’re serious about reading up on it, you might want to pick up David Mellor’s The Sixties Art Scene in London.

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