Double Breasted mod fanzine

The internet is good for many things, but one downside is the negative impact it has had on fanzines. But there are still a few about – and the newest addition is Double Breasted. Double Breasted promises to be The fanzine for Mod and 60s-inspired cool and should be available […]

New Immediate Records book

A book telling the story of the Immediate Records label has just been released. Immediate Records was formed in 1965 by Rolling Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham and his business partner Tony Caldor. It very quickly established itself as the coolest label around, releasing a host of excellent singles and […]

Ace Records 30th anniversary book

Reissue and compilation kings Ace Records have a book out celebrating 30 years in the business. Ace Records: Labels Unlimited by David Stubbs tells the story of how Ace Records began life on a humble London market stall and went on to help shape the face of the modern music […]

The Alan Bown Set story

The release of Alan Bowns’ biography has just come to our attention. The Alan Bown Set were a popular club ‘soul revue’ style band in the mid-60s and were regarded as an incendiary live act. Signed to Pye Records initially (the singles from this period are still highly sought after), […]

ABC of Men’s Fashion reissued

First issued in 1964, long out of print and sought after by just about everyone with an interest in classic/vintage fashion and style, The ABC of Men’s Fashion by Hardy Amies is finally scheduled for a reissue in the coming weeks. It’s re-appearance is down to the V&A, which is […]

Absolute Beginners – the play

Absolute Beginners didn’t work as a film, but I have much higher hopes for the theatrical production at the Lyric Theatre in London, which runs from 26th April – 26th May 2007. The plot stays faithful to the must-read book – a young modernist photographer’s take on life on the […]

New book: The Jam Unseen

Yet another book on The Jam – this time a book of previously-unseen images taken by Twink with the title The Jam Unseen. A limited edition is available in April (to coincide with the From The Jam tour) with an umlimited version appearing in August. Both versions feature 192 pages […]

Absolute Beginners: The Play

Colin MacInnes’ tale of the teenager at the turn of the sixties  – Absolute Beginners – has already been a novel and a (widely panned) film. And now it’s set to be a play, debuting at London’s Lyric Theatre. Details are so far quite sparse, but according to web sources: […]