Sharpies feature at The Look

The Look blog is always worth keeping an eye on, but today there's a feature that's well worth your time – Sharpies: Top fellas and brushes. Sharpies were the Melbourne hard mods/skinheads movement that emerged from the mod scene and took hold during the 1960s and into the 70s with […]

London Weekend Show '79

Cheers to Spectre off the forums for finding this interesting TV show from 1979 – the London Weekend Show. Presumably a 'yoof' show from the era, this particular episode focuses on the run-up to the launch of the Quadrophenia movie and the mod scene developing at the time. Certainly some […]

Sunday Times: East End Faces on eBay

Here's something that looks quite interesting for not a lot of cash on eBay, a Sunday Times magazine from 1968 with the frontpage headline of East End Faces. According to the description, the cover story for this June 2nd issue was David Bailey taking photos of those East End Faces, […]

Cult Clip: Vintage London coffee bars

Another clip spotted on the forums, this one a vintage Look At Life movie in over-glorious technicolour. It looks like a late 50s look at London's coffee bars (or it could be just sneaking into the 60s) – the music indicates the former. Nonetheless, it's an interesting look at coffee […]

eBay watch: Rave and Honey magazines

Just been browsing eBay and noticed once seller currently disposing of a large number of original 1960s and 1970s magazines, including some editions of Rave and Honey. Check out the full range on the site itself, but for reference, they include the previously-mentioned Rave and Honey plus 19 (which drifts […]

Mods! on BBC Radio 4

All being well, we will have Barry's TV and radio guide back this week, but ahead of that here's a heads-up of something you might want to catch this weekend – Mods! on BBC Radio 4. Here's the official write-up: 'Phil Daniels presents a look back at the Mod movement, […]

Jon Savage on 1960s magazines

If you didn't get the Observer this Sunday past, you'll have missed Jon Savage's rather interesting article on 1960s magazines. Luckily for us, The Observer sticks just about everything online. Which means thw article, which covers the success, influence and importance of the 1960s magazines, is available to read online […]

YouTube: East London Mods 1982

A bit of a teaser for you here, two clips of mods around East London and Essex in 1982, just snippets of what will be a full-length DVD available to buy later this month. More details on that to follow, but in the meantime, check out the clips below. You […]