1960s Rave Magazine issues on eBay

They're becoming ever-more collectable, so investing in some of the issues of Rave Magazine on eBay might be a shrewd investment. One particular seller (cactuskay123) seems to have a number of issues of the 60s teen culture magazine, as well as a number of issues of Beat Monthly and allsorts […]

Cult Clip: Outrigger in 1984

If you ever went to the Outrigger in the 1980s, you might appreciate this clip of the club, dating back to 1984. Apparently from BBC Midlands Today, the film has been retrieved from an old video tape and given a new lease of life courtesy of YouTube. Even if you […]

Extended Panorama Mods clip online

The Mods clip on Panorama (not to mention the Rockers one) went down very well a couple of weeks back, so after some discussion with our man at the BBC, the corporation has agreed to put online a longer version of the Mods clip. The new version lasts just under […]

1960s Mods on Panorama

The BBC archive has just been raided, with the corporation just making available its piece on mods and rockers in 1964 via the BBC website. A week after an outbreak of violence in Clacton on Easter weekend 1964, Panorama caught up with a group of mods and rockers to talk […]

YouTube: Plebeians Jazz Club 1967

Thanks to Richard King for flagging up this clip of the Plebeians Jazz Club in Halifax in 1967. The footage was apparently filmed by some students back in '67, showing a typical night at the mod club of the day (in Halifax that is). The film was funded by the […]

Mods! on BBC Radio Four

I’m not a regular listener to Radio Four, but I’ll make an exception on Saturday 9th February for Mods! I don’t know much in the way of detail (although I suspect it’s the show that was being put together over Christmas – they got in touch with the site but […]

Glasgow mod scene anthologised online

For those north of the border this should be of great value; Glasgow Mods, a website dedicated to documenting the Glasgow mod scene from the late 1970s through to today. The site is still in its infancy and is heavy on YouTube footage and photos that illustrate the development of […]

Ready, Steady, Go! exhibition

Opening on Saturday 13th May, Ready, Steady, Go! at Chelsea Space in London claims to be the first exhibition to explore the style, fashion, people and events associated with Italian designed scooters and their impact on British culture over the last 60 years. Ready, Steady, Go! examines the history of […]