Odds & Sods: An exhibition of the 1980s mod scene by Paul Hallam in London

by Modculture 2 September, 2016

We mentioned a Brighton showcase recently, but that has now moved onto London for the Odds & Sods photo exhibition. Continue Reading

Out now: Sixties House by Catriona Gray

by Modculture 30 March, 2016

The archives of House and Garden provide the inspiration to go back in time, with the Sixties House book by Catriona Gray picking out the best of the decade. Continue Reading

Pete McKee designs mod club-inspired Rega Club turntable for Record Store Day

by Modculture 29 February, 2016

We have featured the work of Pete McKee in the past extensively, including his This Is England figures, his Teenage Cancer Trust gig prints and his general mod-related art, such as this Weekenders print. But this mod club-inspired Rega Club turntable for Record Store Day could be the most desirable piece yet. Continue Reading

Dansette-style UO X Crosley Sterling record player

by Modculture 15 August, 2014

No, this isn’t an eBay find, this is actually a new design. Specifically, we’re talking the UO X Crosley Sterling record player, which has just landed in the UK. Continue Reading

Mod UK photography project by Owen Harvey

by Modculture 14 August, 2013

Yes, another mod photo project, but Mod UK by Owen Harvey takes a slightly different tact than some others we have featured in the past. Continue Reading