British psych prints at the V&A

Last year, London’s V&A hosted a Sixties Graphics exhibition, which featured artwork and design from the period 1965 – 1972, including the work of designers such as Nigel Waymouth, Michael English and Martin Sharp. And if you head over to the V&A site, you can buy reproduction prints from the […]

Sorry You Missed The Sixties

If you missed Philip Townshend’s Sorry You Missed The Sixties exhibition earlier this year, there’s some good news. It’s returning to London, this time at ninetythree from December through to January. Sorry You Missed The Sixties is the decade as seen through the lens of  Philip Townsend, featuring a host […]

V&A's retro pop art Christmas cards

Christmas cards – almost impossible to find something cool and classy. Or is it? Not if you pick up these fantastic retro pop art Christmas cards from the V&A Museum Shop. The cards were designed by Clifford Richards exclusively for the V&A for this Christmas. Richards is a graphic designer […]

Sainsburys' Mod pencil cases

It’s amazing what you find on a trip down to the supermarket – today I found this Mod pencil case at my local Sainsburys. It’s actually manufactured by Helix, who obviously feel that there’s some kind of Mod revival going on in our schools. It’s grey and available in two […]

James Brown rubber duck

Forget the traditional yellow duck, novelty ducks are the way to go – and the best around is surely the James Brown rubber duck. Yes, sure to be the hardest working duck in the bath, it’s got the James Brown hairdo, showbiz top, microphone and gold ring, not to mention […]

Matto Le D. – cool retro art

We’ve featured some very smart retro-styled art on this site in the past – Shag, Hisknibs and Kavel to name just three – but here’s another one to add to your list – Matto Le D. Very much styled in that early 60s cartoon styling (he quotes his influences as […]

Retro Target duvet set

At first glance, we thought this was a "Mod" target duvet, but on closer inspection, this Retro Target Duvet Set is more of a take on the traditional target, a slightly off centre circular design, looking not unlike a coloured version of the old Vertigo record label. For your money, […]

Pop Art gift boxes

Ok, so you’ve picked up a well thought-out gift, but you’re struggling to find the packaging to make it stand out from all the other gifts your friend or relative has received. You need a Pop Art gift box. Ideal for any small pressie, these gift boxes from Big Tomato […]