Sixties Graphics at the V&A

It’s going to be a sixties summer over at the V&A. As well as the Swinging London exhibition, they’ll also be hosting a display of graphic material including posters, magazines, photographs, album covers and other printed ephemera, covering the period 1965-1972. Sixties Graphics will focus on the huge explosion of […]

60s British psych posters

With an exhibition due at the V&A later this year (more on that later), it might be a good time to invest in some of the eccentric British poster art of the late 60s. After a good deal of searching around, I’ve found a website that has a great selection […]

Hisknibs retro illustration

You may have seen the work of hisknibs in ther past without realising it – it’s been featured regularly on the Modculture site for the last few months in the form of the flyer and poster for Sheffield’s Pow Wow Club. If you like that, now is your chance to […]

Movable mod toy

I’m always amused about the amount of rubbish that gets thrown up for sale linked in some loose way to the mod scene – clothing, furniture, iPod covers – you name it, it’s out there. But there’s always something round the corner that makes you drop your head in your […]


Original 60s gig posters by Colin Duffield

Modculture, in assocation with Bullet in Sheffield and artist Colin Duffield (referred to as “the pioneer of 60s poster art”) will soon offer for sale original live music posters from the Mojo Club in Sheffield featuring the biggest bands ever – including many mod favourites.

Cool mints for cool people!

Hint Mint, makers of particularly stylish tins of breath mints, have introduced a limited edition artist series of curving sliding tins. The first series is by the unbelievably cool and collectable US retro artist Shag. These are available in the US pretty widely, but in the UK you might have […]