Mods features in The Chap magazine

by Modculture 25 February, 2018

Thanks to Adrian for tipping me off about the Mods features in The Chap magazine. Continue Reading

In pictures: Brighton Mod Weekender 2017 photographs by Chris Wild

by Modculture 6 September, 2017

They were very popular last year, so it’s great to have the work of photographer Chris Wild back on the site, capturing the Brighton Mod Weekender 2017. Continue Reading

Modern-day mods: Owen Harvey talks mod photography

by Modculture 26 July, 2017

Claire Mahoney talks to Owen Harvey on the eve of his Mod UK exhibition at the Subculture Archives in Carnaby Street, London. Continue Reading

Odds & Sods: An exhibition of the 1980s mod scene by Paul Hallam in London

by Modculture 2 September, 2016

We mentioned a Brighton showcase recently, but that has now moved onto London for the Odds & Sods photo exhibition. Continue Reading

Small or Nothing – a Small Faces photo exhibition in London

by Modculture 4 March, 2016

If you are in the area, it might be worth checking out Small or Nothing, which is a Small Faces photo exhibition in London. Continue Reading

Modernist Revival book returns in a second limited edition

by Modculture 21 November, 2014

We did feature this some weeks back and not long after, it sold out in ‘record time’ for the publisher. But worry not, as the Modernist Revival book has returned, alongside an exhibition and limited edition prints. Continue Reading

Glasgow Mods photography exhibition by Lisa Boyd in London

by Modculture 11 June, 2014

If you happen to be in the east London area, you might want to pop in and see the upcoming Glasgow Mods photography exhibition by Lisa Boyd. Continue Reading

Cool concept: Vespa-inspired digital camera

by Modculture 19 March, 2014

Not sure how many people use standalone digital camera these days in light of cameras on mobile phones being so good. But something like this Vespa-inspired digital camera might tempt you back in. Continue Reading